We value your feedback!

KUNR strives to be the best station possible with programming that serves our communities' needs. We're a small station in terms of staff - fewer than 10 full-time employees, some part-time hosts and volunteers - who make the broadcasts possible to wide area each day.

We know we are not perfect. Yet we always want to hear what we are doing right and what we might be able to do better. We are interested in your views, ideas and suggestions. And we are even glad to hear your concerns or complaints, and will do all we can to respond to you with a phone call, letter or e-mail.

That's why we've established our e-mail address -- an easy way to drop us a line anytime to pass along your comments. Or, you prefer to call, you can leave a message on our Listener Feedback Line at 775-682-6062. Or see our contact page for our mailing address if you'd prefer to write us.

Whatever method you choose, we do hope you will take time to share your thoughts with us. We value your feedback as we work tirelessly to be the outstanding, vibrant and essential public radio station you have come to rely on.