All attention on fire conditions in Sierra and Western Nevada

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All attention on fire conditions in Sierra and Western Nevada

A fire near Silver City that broke out Sunday afternoon, known as the Pedlar Fire, and scorched more than a hundred acres is a good example of what can be done when there's quick response time and enough resources at hand. The fire shut down a portion of Nevada 342, but is more than 2/3 contained at this point.

Shane McDonald, who is the fire management officer for Carson City BLM, says things could have gone differently, though.

"All the cooperators in the Sierra Front worked well together to attack that fire right out the get-go and bring it to the point where it is now. On a busier day with more fires going and less resources available, it could have been a different story, but everybody pulled together and did a great job."

Of course, there are a lot of different factors that lead to extreme fire conditions, says McDonald. While fuel moistures are dropping below normal, the high pressure system that's brought this heat wave to the Sierra and Western Nevada tends not to produce much wind. As of now, there are no red flag warnings due to high winds, but thunderstorm are predicted throughout the week.

Four of July is not easing anyone's concerns, either, as more folks get outside. Fire restrictions have been issued throughout the region, and fireworks are illegal on public lands.

"Holiday, summertime, people on the land, there are a lot of factors that go into making a decision like that [fire restrictions]."

McDonald says they've brought in an extra helicopter and can call on neighboring states or agencies as needed.

At last report, the Pedlar Fire was 75% percent contained. Find updated information here: