Biden Stumps for Reid in Reno

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Biden Stumps for Reid in Reno


Brandon Rittiman/KUNR

Speaking to a crowd of more than 500 at the University of Nevada, Reno... the Vice President warned that republican candidate Sharron Angle was too extremely conservative for the job.

And he tried to impress upon the audience the level of importance he puts on this election...

Biden: "This election is more important than you having elected Barack and me. I mean it really is..."

Biden also he also stressed the race is important because of where it fits in to the national picture...

Biden: "Having one person with such extreme views is not such a big deal. But folks, folks... they're all over the place. This ain't your father's republican party, I'm telling you."

Biden's visit to Reno comes a couple days after his former opponent Sarah Palin was here stumping for Angle.
Harry Reid was on stage as well and he took aim at a litany of the controversial statements Angle's made.

Other key democrats took the stage to plead with voters, including Sheila Leslie, who served with Angle in the Nevada State Assembly.

Leslie: "We used to have a joke, I'm sure you've heard it: ‘what was the vote on the bill today? Oh, just another 41 to Angle.' And that's kind of funny. Except it's not so funny when you think about the US Congress and what one Senator can do to put hold on things and grind the US Congress to a halt."

Polls are already open for early voting and so far republicans are turning out in slightly higher numbers than democrats.