City of Reno launches phone app

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City of Reno launches phone app


Reno residents can now watch live city council meetings and check local bus routes in real-time using the city's new phone app.

Check out the City of Reno app here and here.

The City of Reno announced this week the launch of its new, free city app. Sharon Spangler with the City says the app is an opportunity for citizens to communicate and engage by checking news, sharing ideas, and reporting issues they see.

"A lot of things like graffiti or abandoned cars parked in someone's neighborhood or snow plowing issues. All those things can now go to that app."

The app also provides voter information.

"A lot of people in the City of Reno don't know what ward of the city they're in, and they can actually go to this app, find out what their ward boundaries are, who their councilperson is, and who to vote for."

The project took several months to complete and cost the city about $5,000.