Dems Push For New Teacher Evaluations

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Dems Push For New Teacher Evaluations


Brandon Rittiman/KUNR

Democrats hold a press conference to discuss their latest education proposals on Thursday.

The democrats are picking up a proposal already in Governor Sandoval's budget.

He's put in 20-million dollars to give out as bonuses to teachers who perform well.

Lawmakers say they'd like to see more money to up the incentive, but they figure as is- it's enough to give every teacher in the state 800 dollars.

They also want to tighten the screws on teachers who don't do so well, according to Assembly Speaker John Oceguera.

Oceguera: "The complaint has been that it's difficult to remove bad teachers, we're trying to put a structure in place to remove bad teachers."

Democrats plan to do that by increasing how long teachers are put on probation when they get bad reviews and giving notice to teachers with those reviews that they could be let go.

A separate bill would create a panel to come up with a more detailed approach to doing the actual evaluations teachers go through.