DJ Spooky: Turning Antarctica into Music

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DJ Spooky: Turning Antarctica into Music


Michael Hagerty

Artist Paul D. Miller -- aka DJ Spooky -- turns a six-week stay in Antarctica into 'Ice Music' and a new exhibition at the Nevada Museum of Art.

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Antarctica - it's the one continent that has no national boundaries and it's largely uninhabited. The closest thing to an indigenous people there are the penguins.

And it's that unforgiving desolation that drew artist and DJ Paul D. Miller to visit it. He turned his meditations on Antarctica - as a place and as a metaphor - into a volume called The Book of Ice, and a corresponding exhibit open now at the Nevada Museum of Art.

Saturday night, Miller - also known as DJ Spooky - will perform - along with members of the Reno Philharmonic - Ice Music, compositions inspired by the frozen continent.

KUNR's Michael Hagerty talked with Miller sitting in the exhibit, surrounded by stark white walls covered in mostly cool blue hued prints of his work.

Watch DJ Spooky Perform Ice Music:

DJ Spooky Performance At PSFK CONFERENCE NYC from Piers Fawkes on Vimeo.



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