DMV discussing plans for driver privilege cards

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DMV discussing plans for driver privilege cards


Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles is hosting a workshop in Carson City Wednesday to discuss the distribution of driver authorization cards for people living in the U.S. illegally.

The driver privilege card program is slated to begin next year, but officials are still figuring out how to actually implement the legislation.

The new law will require people to submit at least two documents, like a rent receipt or utility bill, as proof of residency.

DMV spokesperson David Fierro says right now, that document list is too restrictive.

"So we actually have proposed a number of items that can be added to that list: tax records, a bill or statement from someone asking for payment, a deed or if someone has a mortgage. We felt like we had to add some language in our regulations so people would have a more fair opportunity to meet the requirements."

Officials expect up to 60,000 people living illegally in the U.S. to apply for this program.

Fierro says the law is about safety, as participants must pass the state driver's test, and it also has the potential to cut down on uninsured motorists.

"Someone's ability to be mobile, to be able to drive to work or take their children to school, go grocery shopping--some of the basic things that we don't think about very much--some of these people are now doing it at risk and with kind of one eye over their shoulder."

This fall, the department will be working with community groups across the state to spread the word to potential participants.