DMV expects flood of driver authorization card applicants

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DMV expects flood of driver authorization card applicants

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles is expecting a rush of applicants for driver authorization cards, which become available Thursday. Undocumented immigrants can apply for the cards under a new law passed in the last legislative session.

Spokesman David Fierro says the DMV has been preparing for months for an estimated 60,000 applicants.

"We've made eighteen new hires in both Las Vegas in Reno. We've modified out computer system to handle a new card. We've spent the last month in training our staff. We've also registered somewhere around 300 approved translators."

The DMV created that list of approved translators to avoid potential scams, but Fierro says he does expect some people will take advantage of this vulnerable population. Collaborating with Hispanic community leaders throughout the state, the department has held several public meetings to educate potential applicants about these dangers.

The DMV has also expanded its list of documents people can use to establish Nevada residency to include things like bank statements, education records, and medical bills.

Another new law taking effect this week will extend the life of driver's licenses so they expire every eight years instead of every four. The change will be phased in over the next few years and Fierro says it will make the registration process more efficient to cut down on wait times.

"The only thing that some people don't like is the fact that they'll be paying a higher fee because it's going to be the fees associated for all eight years instead of four years. But then, the advantage on the up side is that you don't have to come back in."

Drivers 65 years and older will still need to renew their licenses every four years.