DMV holding public hearing on Driver Authorization Cards

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DMV holding public hearing on Driver Authorization Cards


Come January, undocumented immigrants in Nevada can apply for a Driver Authorization Card from DMV. KUNR's Michelle Bliss reports the state agency is hosting a public hearing Wednesday in Carson City to iron out more of the details.

Since Senate Bill 303 requires a "verified translation" of an applicant's qualifying documents, DMV is proposing that translators must be certified by an organization, such as a school or company.

Spokesman David Fierro says the DMV would compile a list of all eligible translators. The goal is to protect applicants from scammers who would charge an exorbitant amount of money for basic services.

"We've seen in other applications that there are people out there, businesses, that are taking advantage of immigrants. So, if someone has to use a certified translator, one that's on the DMV website who has been approved by the department, we think that's going to cut down on some of that fraud."

The DMV is also proposing an expanded list of documents people could use to establish Nevada residency including things like bank statements, education records, and medical bills.

After holding public workshops this summer, Fierro says his agency has been meeting with community leaders, especially Hispanic groups since they expect most applicants will be Hispanic.

Here's what they've been hearing:

"This is going to be significant for a lot of people's lives--their ability to not have that fear that if they're pulled over for running a stop sign that somehow they're going to be deported because of that. We think it's going to be very significant for these people and helpful for our economy."

Fierro says that in other states, the percentage of uninsured motorists has dropped with the enactment of a similar laws, and, in some situations, insurance rates have dropped.

Lawmakers behind the legislation estimate that 60,000 people will apply for Driver Authorization Cards.