Federal Grant Saves 64 Reno Firefighter Jobs

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Federal Grant Saves 64 Reno Firefighter Jobs


Image Courtesy: RGJ

Reno Mayor Bob Cashell and Reno Fire Chief Michael Hernandez discuss the nearly $14 million federal grant that will save 64 City of Reno firefighter jobs.

A nearly $14 million federal grant will save 64 City of Reno firefighter jobs in the midst of the split between city and county fire departments. Kate McGee says the grant will allow the city to fully staff all 14 of its stations.

Reno Fire Chief Mike Hernandez announced at a city budget meeting Thursday morning that Reno has been granted a two-year, $13.7 million Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response -- or SAFER -- grant, that will save 64 firefighter jobs.

The grant also means Reno will be able to open and fully staff all 14 stations in the city, including four stations that are currently browned out.

To ensure financial stability, leaders of the Firefighters Union Local 731 say they've agreed to roll over a 7.5 percent pay cut for firefighters into the next year.

The announcement comes as the Reno Fire Department and Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District continue plans to deconsolidate the two fire departments come July 1.

At a press conference at City Hall, Reno Mayor Bob Cashell says the city is still offering a mutual aid agreement.

The Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District Chief Charles A. Moore issued this statement on the news:

"I would like to offer my congratulations to Chief Michael Hernandez and the Reno Fire Department on receiving the Federal SAFER Grant award this morning. It's a positive step forward for improved public safety and will enhance the safety for the citizens of Reno. The entire region benefits from increased investment in public safety when it can be sustainably supported."