Filmmaker Interview: Race to Nowhere's Vicki Abeles

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Filmmaker Interview: Race to Nowhere's Vicki Abeles


Race to Nowhere

Vicki's son Zak began struggling with the pressures of his schoolwork and extracurriculars in the third grade.

The documentary Race to Nowhere will be showing in Reno on Friday, March 7. Click here for all the details. After the movie screening, there will be a panel discussion with local educators. The event is sponsored by the Nevada Sage Waldorf School.

The film has been show in more than 6,000 schools and other community centers, and it features the heartbreaking stories of students around the country who are being over-scheduled and over-tested.

KUNR's Michelle Bliss had the chance to talk with director Vicki Abeles about the film.

Abeles and her team are also working on a follow-up film about schools and communities that are working to change the American education landscape. You can learn more here.