First Lady Sandoval launches education initiative

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First Lady Sandoval launches education initiative


First Lady Sandoval speaking at Strong Start Nevada Launch. Photo from Strong Start Nevada.

Nevada's first lady Kathleen Sandoval is kicking off an early education initiative in northern Nevada. Sandoval is calling on businesses and civic organizations to help young students prepare for a lifetime of learning.

Sandoval launched the Strong Start Nevada initiative yesterday, which is part of a nationwide effort. She says Nevada is the only state that does not have a business-backed effort promoting early learning.

"Everyone's always looking at the school district to fix our education system, the government to fix our education system," Sandavol says. "Really, the business leaders need to get involved because those children will be their future workforce. And, so, we want them to become involved by, one, bringing money to the table, and two, looking at whether or not they can implement childcare centers in their businesses so it's more accessible to families."

At yesterday's launch, Sandoval was joined by education, business and law enforcement leaders, including Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong who says investing in early education now will pay off in the long run.

"I recently walked into a jail cell where we had an inmate here in Carson City and I asked him, 'Why?' And he looked up at me in earnest and said, 'Sheriff, I can't read and I can't write. What do you expect of me?' He graduated to Nevada State Prison--another inmate who cannot read and cannot write."

So far, in Kathleen Sandoval's effort to get businesses more involved, she's already recruited the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce to support the program.