Gov. Sandoval Takes Office

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Gov. Sandoval Takes Office


Brandon Rittiman/KUNR

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signs his first executive orders on his first day in office. His Chief of Staff, Heidi Gansert assists him.

Brian Sandoval is now the governor of Nevada.

In a ceremony held in Carson city Monday he replaced fellow republican Jim Gibbons who leaves after one term.

Brandon Rittiman reports Sandoval is aiming for some lofty goals.

Shortly after taking his oath of office on the steps of the capitol, Governor Sandoval gave a speech centered on the theme of "optimism" and he made a somewhat broad promise.

Sandoval: "By 2014, we will emerge with a smaller, more efficient state government, an education system we can be proud of and a supply of good jobs transformed by a forever changed economy."

Sandoval says he wants cuts and improvement all at the same time, which he claims can be done by making state government more efficient.

Democratic opponents don't think that's going to do the trick, saying Nevada already spends less on state government per capita than almost all the other states.
Sandoval signed two executive orders on his first day.

One puts tougher restrictions on gifts his staffers can accept. The other freezes new regulations from his administration for a year and orders all current regulations be reviewed in the interest of making the state business friendly, he says.

Governor Sandoval has to submit a budget to the legislature which meets in just about a month. He's consulting with leading lawmakers and the heads of local governments as he makes his preparations.

His staff says he'll be sitting down at the table to hash out a budget solution- but much like his predecessor Jim Gibbons, he won't support any new taxes or fees.