Gov. Sandoval's Special Address

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Gov. Sandoval's Special Address


Brandon Rittiman / KUNR

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R)

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval delivered a special address Tuesday to take his budget argument to the people.

The Governor is making plans to use the added money Nevada's predicted to have in the next two years.

Sandoval plans to undo some of his cuts to education, but Democrats say it's not nearly enough.

The state's chief executive threw out a lot of big numbers in his address from the Governor's mansion.

The most prominent was $270 million he pledged to add back to the budget for public education.

That's including some money that's not in the general fund, and even so it doesn't undo even half of the education cuts in the Governor's original budget.

Because of that, Governor Sandoval anticipated backlash from Democrats

Sandoval: "Some will say this is not enough, yet they offer no plan for how to find additional money without harming the fragile economic recovery we now know Nevada is experiencing."

That echoes concerns we've heard from Republican lawmakers.

If Democrats can't live with these cuts, they've asked, what taxes are they prepared to raise to undo them?

The leadership has yet to unveil a tax plan.

Curiously, the Democratic leaders of the legislature did not hold a press conference after the speech.

Their staffers made a point of telling reporters to expect no comment without saying why.

They did release a short written statement thanking the Governor and agreeing to work together.