Greg Brower Appointed to Nevada Senate

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Greg Brower Appointed to Nevada Senate


Brandon Rittiman / KUNR

Newly appointed Sen. Greg Brower (R) poses for pictures after being chosen by the Washoe County Commission to replace retired Sen. Bill Raggio.

Washoe County's Commissioners appointed Republican Greg Brower to the vacant seat in the Nevada Senate early Tuesday afternoon.

He's taking over for long-time Senator Bill Raggio, who retired Saturday.

Brower was one of two applicants with actual experience in the Nevada legislature. He served in the Assembly in the 1999 and 2001 sessions. He eventually lost an election to none other than Sharron Angle.

A lot of the focus was on how the candidates for Senate would handle the upcoming discussion on taxes in the face of a huge mounting budget shortfall.

Brower would not make a pledge not to raise taxes but says he leans that way.

Brower: "My position is exactly what the governor's is, which is we need to balance the budget without raising taxes. But I I've not made a habit of signing pledges in the past and I don't foresee doing so in the future."

Brower says he's comfortable getting back to work in the legislature. His full-time job remains working as a lawyer, which he says the legislature could use more of.

Brower would not say if he would have run for this seat if it was up for election and he didn't say if he intends to run to keep the seat after this term.

He did say he intends to fight to keep his seat from moving to Southern Nevada when redistricting starts. That's expected to require adding more seats to the legislature.

Senator Brower gets a quick freshman orientation Wednesday and the legislative session starts in less than 3 weeks.