Harry Reid Wins Another Term

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Harry Reid Wins Another Term


Brandon Rittiman/KUNR

Sen. Harry Reid delivers a victory speech on election night at the Aria resort in Las Vegas.

The two major party candidates held separate events on the Las Vegas strip.

At the Aria casino at the new citycenter project... Harry Reid delivered his victory speech to a room packed with supporters.

Reid: "Today, Nevada chose hope over fear. Nevada chose to move forward, not backwards."

Like many democrats who've won, Reid did hint that more needs to be done to get the economy back on track, and he said it's his main focus going forward.

Reid: "the bell that just rang isn't the end of the fight- it's the start of the next round. Nevada's going to recover, Nevada's going to prosper and Nevada's going to lead."

Reid called the campaign one of the toughest fights of his life. He burned through millions of dollars in advertising as did his republican opponent Sharron Angle.

Angle raised an impressive amount of money from outside the state thanks to backing from the political action committee that runs the Tea Party Express.

For awhile, it was unclear how Angle would react to Reid's victory- but eventually after midnight she took the stage at her campaign's party at the Venetian.

She thanked her supporters and said she hoped they'd gotten a message across to the people who did get elected.

Angle: "And I remember from the debate that Sen. Reid reached inside his breast pocket and he said ‘I carry my constitution with me' and we wanna hold him to that for the next six years."

But the election and its largely negative tone have left some Nevadans politically charged and polarized.
After Angle's speech, one of her supporters, Carol Shults, told me she doesn't trust the outcome.

Carol Shults: "How can Harry Reid be proud of a win when he had corruption on his side?"

Back at Reid's campaign party, one of his supporters, Patrick Gorgan, breathed a sigh of relief.

Patrick Gorgan: "Not only is there a dumbing down in America, but a move toward craziness. Although it was successful in minor parts of the country, it got deflated here."

Senator Reid will go back to Washington for another term.
And he'll remain the majority leader- though he'll be leading a much narrower majority in the US Senate.

Still he'll wield serious influence on behalf of Nevada- and with the House of Representatives controlled by republicans, he'll get plenty more chances to keep up his reputation as one of the top negotiators on capitol hill.

In Las Vegas, Brandon Rittiman, KUNR News.