Incline Lake to return to its natural state

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Incline Lake to return to its natural state

The first thing to know about Incline Lake is that it isn't a lake anymore. The lakes was drained about 4 years ago.

The federal government bought it for 43 and a half million dollars in a land deal with plans to repair a small dam that was unstable and posed a risk to those living downstream in Incline.

Cheva Heck, whose a spokeswoman for the agency, says they're seeking public comment on what to do with it, but currently their preference is to remove the dam there.

"So there wouldn't be a lake there, but what there would be is a series of small ponds, marshes, and that's all very important habitat."

Heck says that obviously wouldn't provide the same opportunities for swimming and boating that the lake once did, but she says that it will still be available for hiking and mountain biking. The lake and dam sits on a 700 acre parcel of land that Heck says they may eventually develop for other recreational uses, such as trails or perhaps some kind of facility.