Law enforcement monitoring more sex offenders this Halloween

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Law enforcement monitoring more sex offenders this Halloween

Around Halloween, many law enforcement officers make extra visits to registered sex offenders in Washoe County to enforce laws that keep kids safe during the holiday.

A new collaboration between agencies has allowed officers to check in on more offenders this year.

State and local agencies have been doing these kinds of checks for years, but Sergeant Andrew Shuman, with the state department of public safety, says working with the U.S. Marshals Service is helping them put more boots on the ground.

"Well, currently we have approximately 330 offenders on supervision that are sex offenders in the Reno office, so with the U.S. Marshals partnering up with us it allows us to get more work done as far as going to their houses, ensuring that they are in compliance with the conditions of their supervision."

Before Halloween night, officers visit the most serious offenders to remind them not to do anything that could lure a child to their home.

"Specifically with the offenders that have child victims, they are required to stay at home, not have any Halloween decorations on the outside of their house, to turn their porch light off, and to not answer the door for anyone other than law enforcement."

Shuman says that in addition to advising offenders before the holiday, officers will be checking in at offenders' homes tonight, along with conducting surveillance and extra patrols.

Shuman suggests parents do their research, to learn if any sex offenders live in the neighborhoods where their kids are trick-or-treating.