Lawmakers Hold Education Hearing at UNR

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Lawmakers Hold Education Hearing at UNR


Brandon Rittiman / KUNR

A few hundred students attend a legislative hearing inside UNR's Lawlor Events Center Thursday.

Speaking to a much larger chamber than normal, Senator Steven Horsford got the hearing underway inside Lawlor Events Center.

This was a smaller gathering of students than the recent protests at the legislature, but lots of them took their chance to speak.

Lawmakers heard stories from students in programs that may be shut down, others who are struggling financially and don't want tuition to go any higher, and plenty of raw anger at the proposed cuts.

Charlie Jose is UNR's student body president.

Jose: "It seems like our efforts are falling on deaf ears."

Students say this is just another step in their efforts to keep pressure on lawmakers as they fight against the budget proposed by Governor Brian Sandoval.

John Kucera is also with the UNR student body.

Kucera: "All we're hoping to do is spark a little interest and maybe have legislators consider ideas that they wouldn't have before."

The Governor's budget would cut state support to higher education by nearly one fifth.