Garden company brings 150 jobs to Reno-Sparks

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Garden company brings 150 jobs to Reno-Sparks


Governor Brian Sandoval speaks at a press conference Monday announcing that Myer's Lawn & Garden Group is returning to Sparks, bring 150 jobs to the region.

A company specializing in flower pots is returning to Sparks and will hire a total of 150 new employees, including 90 by the end of this year.

Myers Lawn & Garden Group left Sparks in 2009 seeking lower business costs. CEO Chris Koscho says he chose to return for several reasons, including opportunities for regional distribution.

"Freight is a significant component of our cost structure, and having quick access to the highway made the Sparks/Reno area very attractive for us. It allowed us to access that market on the West Coast to a highway system that's very close to the plant."

The business is headquartered in Ohio, but Koscho says a huge chunk of the customer base for the horticulture industry is out West.

"We needed to be in proximity of our two big markets in Oregon and in Southern California. Secondly, we're really attracted by the skilled workforce and our ability to ramp up the production facility pretty quickly."

The company will eventually hire a full-time staff of 150 with an average salary of about $43,000.

The news comes just after the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada or EDAWN announced on Thursday that another company, the Ardagh Group, will open a new plant in Storey County. Ardaugh plans to hire 140 employees over the next five years.

The company makes glass and metal packaging for food, beverage, and consumer brands.

Despite these upcoming job opportunities, Nevada's unemployment rate remains the highest in the country at 9.5%.