Many ski resorts push back opening day

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Many ski resorts push back opening day


Snow-making at Mount Rose ski resort

Despite a burst of cold weather and some snow this week, several ski resorts around Lake Tahoe did not open Friday as planned, including Kirkwood, Northstar, and Mount Rose.

This week's winter storm brought some snow, but Mount Rose spokesman Mike Pierce says it was not enough:

"We had about 2 to 3 inches; we were hoping for quite a bit more. And, so since that didn't happen, that doesn't give us a sustainable base to ski top to bottom. And that's really what it comes down to is if we're going to open up, we want to open and stay open."

Pierce says that in order to open, the resort needs a consistent pack-base of 10-12 inches, minimum.

Even if that much snow falls on the ground, he says it may only end up measuring 3-4 inches when it's packed down, depending on the moisture content of the snow.

Despite disappointment in not being able to open Friday, Pierce says this setback won't hurt business--yet.

"Thanksgiving we still view as somewhat of a bonus. If you get it, great. The bigger issue is if the perception of Tahoe wasn't good going into Christmas. That has a much bigger impact. You want a real strong impression not only for the local market, but also for the drive market and also anybody that's flying in."

An unseasonably warm November has made the windows of time for manufacturing snow relatively tight, but  the snow-making system at Mount Rose is now cranking at full-blast.