Mark Amodei Heads to Washington

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Mark Amodei Heads to Washington


Brandon Rittiman / KUNR

Before flying to Washington, Mark Amodei (R) prepares for a satellite interview with Fox News Channel inside the studios of KNPB-TV in Reno.

Republican Mark Amodei departed for Washington DC Wednesday to take a seat in the US House of Representatives.

He's expected to be sworn in Thursday morning and get right to work.

Before he left town, though, he took time to go on national TV and talk with local reporters.

As often happens with off-cycle elections, people are looking to this one to try and read some tea leaves for the next presidential race.

Congressman-elect Mark Amodei happily chimed in on that topic, in an appearance Fox News Channel.

Amodei: "Mitt Romney called me this morning to congratulate me and I can tell you that camp is very excited about the returns last night, and they're looking forward to Nevada as a battleground state that could very well be red in 2012."

Amodei is in a unique position to observe Washoe County voters, who play a big role in how the statewide vote breaks.

His advice to the presidential candidates:

Amodei:"Ground game, ground game, ground game. You can message all you want, and you can even message wonderfully, but you have to identify... Harry Reid proved it, and Barack Obama proved it, and I think we proved it last night. You have to identify your voters and you have to turn them out."

Amodei plans to keep a bit of a skeleton campaign operation going as he takes office.

If he wants to stay in congress, he'll have to win again next November.