Mark Hutchison says Drone Industry Top Priority

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Mark Hutchison says Drone Industry Top Priority


After Republican State Senator Mark Hutchison announced this week that he'll be running for lieutenant governor in 2014, he spoke to KUNR about his goals for Nevada, citing the growth of the drone industry as a top priority.

In addition to presiding over the state Senate, the lieutenant governor is involved in economic development initiatives.

Hutchison says that Nevada should play to its strengths when it comes to industry-namely, gaming, tourism, and mining. But he also sees Nevada as uniquely situated to be a world leader in unmanned aerial vehicle technology due to its airspace.

"You have to have different levels of altitude to test the different features of these vehicles. You have to airspace that is unobstructed, that is not crowded with air traffic, and Nevada has the largest airspace that's protected and uncluttered with civilian aircraft in the entire country."

Hutchison also points to the state's existing infrastructure, technology, and highly specialized workforce as additional reasons for pursuing drone business.