Nevada Attorney General Holds First Domestic Violence Review Meeting

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Nevada Attorney General Holds First Domestic Violence Review Meeting


Joe Mud/Flickr

Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto held the first state Domestic Violence Fatality Review meeting Thursday in Reno. The office of the Nevada Attorney General in this file photo.

The Domestic Violence Fatality Review team met for the first time Thursday. The group is comprised of prosecutors, police, and domestic violence service providers who will review domestic abuse deaths in the state and find ways to prevent and combat domestic violence.

The team was created after a state bill went into effect in October 2011, allowing the Attorney General to organize a group to review domestic violence across Nevada.

Nevada has the highest rate of women killed in domestic violence disputes nationwide, according to the latest Violence Policy Center report.

Attorney General Masto says the economy has been tough on Nevadans, which she thinks that is leading to an increase in violence between partners.

"We're seeing more violence occuring because of those stressors. We're seeing use of alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, higher suicide rates. The downturn in the economy and all the social indicators...are increasing the stressors on the family," Masto said.

In Washington D.C., both U.S. senators from Nevada say they are committed to the goals of the Violence Against Women Act.

According to a statement from U.S. Senator Harry Reid in September, he is committed to re-authorizing the bill.
Senator Dean Heller's office said in a statement that he's reviewing the legislation.