Nevada Health Link traffic rises, final numbers not yet known

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Nevada Health Link traffic rises, final numbers not yet known


On Monday, 7,000-plus users were on the state's health exchange website at the same time. About 40,000 had already signed up and selected plans.

CJ Bawden, communications officer with Nevada Health Link, feels positive about the increase in enrollment.

"So we saw traffic uptick quite a bit."

He says hopefully, when the numbers are in soon, it'll be about 50,000. But that's not the end of it. Because of problems with the site, everyone who created an account and started the process is now eligible for a 60-day extension. Initially, the goal was 118,000 by the end of May. Bawden says that's unlikely to happen during this special enrollment period.

"We'll see where things shake out, but it doesn't look like we'll hit that number."

Recently, the exchange contracted a new consulting company to assess the website's performance and weakness. That report will come out in about a month. Meanwhile, Bawden says Xerox, which built the site, will continue to tweak and improve its performance.

"We've got a ways to go with Nevada Health Link to make it the website that Nevadans deserve for enrolling in health insurance."

Those who missed Monday's deadline without an excuse will be fined and have to wait until November to begin enrolling again.