Nevada Women's Soccer playing at Moana Field

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Nevada Women's Soccer playing at Moana Field


Nevada Wolf Pack's Kelly Gould on the field.

The Wolf Pack Women's Soccer team is up against Sacramento State on Sunday, but instead of playing at Mackay Stadium, the game will be held at Moana Springs Sports Complex.

Richard Jay is league commissioner for the Great Basin Youth Soccer League. He says that less than a year ago, the Moana Springs Sports Complex was an abandoned eyesore.

"It's been caught on fire several times from homeless individuals living there, it's been ransacked, it's been gutted, every bit of copper has been stolen out of it."

The complex has since been renovated through a joint partnership between private residents and the City of Reno, which spent nearly half a million dollars to demolish the former baseball field and swimming pool to make way for soccer fields and a new aquatics facility.

The project was completed last March, but this is the first time Nevada Women's Soccer will play there.

"One of the problems of hosting games up at Mackey Stadium is a lot of the big schools don't like to play games on artificial turf. There's about a 40% increased chance of twisting your ankle. So, teams prefer to play on real grass, so we said, 'Let's host a game out at Moana Springs.'"

Most Nevada Women's Soccer games will still be held on campus, but this event was meant to bring awareness to the transformation of the Moana complex.