Sponsor Creates Free Reno Air Races Game

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Sponsor Creates Free Reno Air Races Game


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Feeling a little down about the start of the workweek?

Maybe you'd prefer to hop into a small, speeding airplane and fly around Reno?

There's a new app for that: the Reno Air Races video game.

The game is free to download (click here to go to the game's home page) and it comes complete with a snappy movie to set you up.

Movie: "When race, you fly low or you lose. You just lost kid."

All theatrics aside, you can start racing pretty quickly.

After waiting a minute for other players to join my race, we're off banking around pylons, which unlike at the actual Reno Air Races have large flashing bars of color to show you which one comes next.

The races take place over a nicely re-created Reno Stead Airport.

You can see our mountains in the distance and sage brush whizzing by on the ground.

But it's not a complex flight simulator, you just tilt your phone to steer your plane.

The game was paid for by one of the Reno Air Races big sponsors, the Swiss wristwatch maker Breitling.

That accounts for the zero dollar price tag.

You can get it on iPhone right now.

It'll be ready for Android around the time the real-life air races get started in September.