New grant for DRI program will teach students about renewables

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New grant for DRI program will teach students about renewables

NV Energy has announced a 250,000 dollar grant that will go to educate Northern Nevada students about renewable energy.

One of the major goals of the Desert Research Institute's GreenPower Program is get students learning about renewables sooner. A pilot program was launched last year in Las Vegas, and this most recent chunk of money will bring the program to Northern Nevada.

The main component of the program is to educate teachers who may not have a good sense of how to talk about renewables.

Amelia Gulling, who is the statewide GreenPower Program Administrator, says it gives students a sense of all the opportunities in this emerging field.

"Especially in some of these schools that I've experienced in Southern Nevada, and the same could go for Northern Nevada unfortunately, students don't really see higher ed. as a viable option, but by showing them that are some really great trades and certificate programs that don't take as long and can be done through our community college, which are a lot less expensive, [they see] there are great jobs out there, and there's a demand for it."

Gulling says because of this program's focus on economic development in the state, these teacher training workshops are targeted at high school students. With Reno Public Radio News, I'm Will Stone.