New Lawmakers Prepare for Nevada's Next Session

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New Lawmakers Prepare for Nevada's Next Session


Brandon Rittiman/KUNR

Name cards mark the seats for new lawmakers in the Nevada Assembly chambers.

The legislature will begin with 21 brand-new freshmen lawmakers... but plenty of experienced people moved to new seats.

Thanks to new term limits, several assembly members ran for senate seats and won... and one Senator ... Maggie Carlton of Las Vegas... went the other way. She's now a new assemblywoman.

All told, there are 30 people in new positions.

Unlike the governor, who takes office in January, the newly elected lawmakers are already in their terms.

This week is the first of several training periods the lawmakers will go through before starting the actual session on February 7.

Right now it's the basics: get issued a computer... learn to file reports... get a tour of the building.

Later they'll do mock floor sessions and committee meetings so they can be sharp on the procedure when it's time to do it for real.

Lorne Malkiewich, who heads the nonpartisan staff for the legislature, says it's a critical crash course.


Malkiewich: "Particularly this session, with the major issues we're facing this upcoming session and the number of new people we have we know we're going to need them to work with the returning legislators. We're going to have a number of them in important positions so we want to get them trained as quickly as possible."

Lawmakers are already facing a deadline- they have less than a month to propose their first five bills.

In Carson City, Brandon Rittiman, KUNR News.