New Police Substation Opens Downtown

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New Police Substation Opens Downtown


Michael Hagerty

The new police substation in downtown Reno at the corner of 4th and Court Streets.

A group of kids in Halloween costumes - flanked by police officers and city officials - cut the ribbon on the new Reno Police Department City Center Plaza Substation, located in the refurbished former downtown bus station.

The city says the substation will give RPD more visibility and interactions with residents and tourists in the area who'll be able to get information and file police reports.

"This is a vital piece of an overall plan to make this area much safer for visitors and residents who come to attractions like the National Bowling Stadium, the Events Center and the Ballroom," City Councilman Dwight Dortch said.

The substation will be staffed mostly by bicycle officers and will be open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with hopes of expanding those hours, according to RPD Chief Steve Pitts.