New Project Slated to Kill Tahoe Clams



A new project is set to launch Oct. 15 to stop an invasion of clams from clouding Lake Tahoe's blue water.

Scientists are set to launch a new project to quell a clam invasion that could cloud Lake Tahoe's cobalt waters.

The Lake Tahoe Aquatic Invasive Species Program plans to treat a relatively small, isolated population of Asian clams at the mouth of Emerald Bay before they spread to an unmanageable level.

Waste from non-native Asian clams has triggered algae blooms in the lake for numerous years. Their sharp shells befoul beaches and rapidly expanding populations compete for food with slow-growing native freshwater mussels.

Scientists say the clams' excretions promote so much algae growth that they can turn some coves from blue to green.

The project is scheduled to begin on Oct. 15 and is ultimately set to treat an area of up to 5 acres. The barriers will be left in place for approximately one year.


The project is similar to another experiement Reno Public Radio reported on, which removes crayfish to improve water clarity at the lake.