New studio could draw more filmmakers to Reno

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New studio could draw more filmmakers to Reno


Reno-Sparks is one step closer to being a movie destination. A new studio was just unveiled today.

Reno will probably never pass for Vegas on the big screen. And that's okay, says Chris Baum who's the head of the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority.

"We've had quite a few producers up here already. And they say I never realized this part of the state look this way."

Reno Tahoe Studios, which is now housed in the convention center, will be one more draw for nearby California filmmakers. Baum says the different kinds of architecture, the varied landscape, and, of course, the new film tax incentives all make the region very appealing.

Baum says Reno can be a stand-in for places like Chicago or Los Angeles, and over time he says it could also be the setting for the movie.

"It's about opening eyes, much like we do with tourists. We're opening the eyes of the production community in Hollywood and now they're seeing the possibilities we represent."

Baum says before Michigan passed film incentives the local economic impact was 6 million. Within 2 years, he says it was 320 million.