New Ramp Meters on I-80

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New Ramp Meters on I-80



Soon you'll have to stop your car for new traffic signals on some Interstate-80 onramps in Reno. They will be the first ramp meters in the region.

Ramp meters look like stoplights at the end of an onramp, and only let one car enter the freeway at a time.

The Nevada Department of Transportation will turn on meters at three Reno onramps next week. You'll have to stop for them if you get on I-80 eastbound at Keystone, Center Street, or Wells Avenue.

Scott Magruder from NDOT says the signals won't be on all of the time.

Magruder: "They'll start working only during the peak hours, in the morning and the afternoon."

Northern Nevadans are often hesitant to adopt anything from Las Vegas or California, but NDOT hopes Reno will welcome the new signals as a solution to the often jammed I-80 eastbound lanes.

The meters start working July 6th.