No. NV home builders expect growth this year

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No. NV home builders expect growth this year


Industry experts predict home building in Northern Nevada will continue to grow this year. But even if new home sales do rise, there aren't enough skilled workers across the region to man those construction projects.

Mark Krueger, principal and land expert for ArchCrest Commercial Partners, anticipates that there will be 1,150 new home sales in northern Nevada. That's up from about 990 new home sales last year. He made the prediction at Wednesday's annual industry forecast event in Reno hosted by the Builders Association of Northern Nevada.

But despite that positive outlook for this year, the association's Executive Director Mike Dillon says the road to recovery is a long one.

"Probably a normal growth year, if you look back over a ten-year cycle for Northern Nevada, would be just under 2,500 homes, so we're probably about halfway back where we need to be to say that we're in a true recovery."

As for the regional construction workforce, which was robust before the recession, Dillon says it has not kept up with this year's projected growth.

"A lot of that workforce has left Nevada completely, and secondly, many of them have probably gone into other industries or fields."

The good news, Dillon says, is that the area is ripe with opportunities for new subcontractors.