NV Senators push for fed. land to go to Elko and Te-Moak Tribe

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NV Senators push for fed. land to go to Elko and Te-Moak Tribe

Nevada's U.S. Senators Dean Heller and Harry Reid introduced legislation today that would hand over almost 300 acres of federal land to Elko County and another 370 acres to the Te-Moak Tribe of the Western Shoshone Indians.

The land going to Elko would be used solely for motocross, as well as bicycling, or stock car racing. The tribal land would be held in trust for the tribe's housing and cultural activities, while still protecting rights-of-way held by the City of Elko.

Rob Stokes, who's the Elko County Manager, says once the land is fully developed, it could really help the local economy.

"As you know in Nevada, folks really enjoy their outdoor motor sports, and we believe over the time we will be able to add enhancements such that folks will come from around the area, and it will have a good economic impact."

Stokes says this is not the first time the legislation has been introduced, but in the past it's never made it out of committee.

Davis Gonzalez is the Chairman of the Te-Maok Tribe of the Western Shoshone.

"Our land is maybe 96 percent filled. We want to build more homes and more recreation areas. On the reservation here, there's really a need for that."

Gonzalez says he hopes the broad support will make it happen this time around.