NV Supreme Court Upholds Reno Annexation in Cold Springs

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NV Supreme Court Upholds Reno Annexation in Cold Springs


The Supreme Court of Nevada in Carson City.

The Nevada Supreme Court has upheld the City of Reno's annexation of 7,000 acres of rural land in Cold Springs.

Back in 2005, several Cold Springs landowners seeking to develop their property requested that the area be annexed by the city.

Reno Chief Deputy City Attorney Tracy Chase says annexation can provide previously unincorporated landowners with municipal services like police and fire, along with additional land use options available within city limits.

 Even though annexation opens the door for development, Chase says development isn't guaranteed.

"The annexation is really just the first step in the land use process here. And depending on what this developer wants to do in the future, like if he wants to have certain zoning, that process would have to go through public hearings and possibly to city council. And in all of those processes, the citizens have the right to participate in and provide their comments for consideration."

A group of long-time residents living near the annexed area brought an action to district court, saying it negatively affected their rural lifestyle.

Both the district court and state supreme court denied the complaints.

Click here for the Nevada Supreme Court Opinion