NV Voter Numbers Dip in June

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NV Voter Numbers Dip in June


The secretary of state's office released data this week showing a decrease in active voters across Nevada in recent months. The decline comes as county election offices update their records.

The number of active voters in Nevada decreased by 6,700 between May and June. All parties except the Libertarian Party saw their numbers drop. Scott Gilles is deputy secretary of state for elections. He says county officials are updating their records to get an accurate count of who's actively voting before next year's election cycle gets underway

"If they missed two full election cycles, meaning they didn't vote in the primary or general in 2012, nor did they vote in the primary or general for 2010, at that point, if they were an inactive voter during that time period, they under federal law can be canceled by the county clerks."

There are more than 1.2 million active voters in Nevada. Democrats outnumbers Republicans by 98-thousand, with 42 percent of voters registered as Democrats and 34 percent as Republicans.

17 percent are nonpartisan, about 5 percent belong to the Independent American Party, and a small 1 percent slice is Libertarian or belongs to another minor party.