Only 13 percent of schools receive top ranking

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Only 13 percent of schools receive top ranking


Thirteen percent of schools statewide received a five-star rating this year. 25 percent of schools in Nevada are now ranked lower than the previous school year.

In Washoe County, 38 percent of schools earned a 5 or 4 star rating.

The Nevada School Performance Framework rates each school on a 5-star scale based on criteria like student performance on proficiency tests and the reduction of the achievement gap for special groups such as students with disabilities. For high schools, graduation rates, along with college and career readiness, are also considered.

Nevada Superintendent of Public Instruction Dale Erquiaga says fewer schools earned 5-star ratings this year because the state has raised expectations for student achievement over the past few years.

The tougher standards are part of the state's adoption of Common Core Standards, which align standards across the country and put more emphasis on data and accountability.

Washoe County will release its own star rankings on Friday. Superintendent Pedro Martinez has called the district's system more rigorous than the state one. For that reason, he's warned there may be some schools that are ranked lower by the district than they were by the state.

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