Outside companies bring in new jobs to Reno/Sparks

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Outside companies bring in new jobs to Reno/Sparks

Reno/Sparks will soon see more than 300 new jobs and millions of dollars of investment into the economy.

Thursday was a big day for the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada, or EDAWN, the non-profit in charge of developing businesses and industry in the region.

They announced that two new companies are moving or relocating here. The first is Ole Mexican Foods, a national distributor of tortillas and other products. They plan to invest 10 to 12 million dollars in a new plant that will eventually have about 350 new employees.

Ole's President Veronica Moreno says the readily available work force was one reason behind their decision.

"We are going to have all kinds of positions between packaging, machinists, everything...a lot of opportunities."

The other company is called Innovative Drive. It develops medical devices in the Bay Area, but is relocating a manufacturing and research facility to Reno.

Luke Clauson is the company's president.

"Tax incentives are actually pretty important to us. People don't think it's a big deal, but for us an extra 50 grand is an engineer right out of school; an extra 100 grand is a Master's or PHD engineer up here. The second big impact is just that the cost of living is a lot lower for people [in Reno]."

Clauson says they'll invest several million dollars and hire engineers and skilled manufacturers. In total, EDAWN projects about 2,000 news jobs will be created in the next 5 years as a result of companies like these two moving to the area in 2013.