Palomino Valley will have fire service by fall

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Palomino Valley will have fire service by fall

A team of twenty volunteer firefighters is preparing to revive the Palomino Valley fire station in unincorporated Washoe County.

Right now, if there's a fire in the Palomino Valley area, the closest firefighters are coming from the Spanish Springs station, a drive that takes at least 15 minutes.

Charlie Moore is chief of the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District. He says those fifteen minutes are a critical time when a small fire can become a large blaze.

The new volunteers are being trained to utilize that time.

"We can have the volunteers get out there and say, you know, 'It's this big; it's growing this fast; it's burning in this type of fuel. It tells the incident commander how many resources to bring. So, that's the 'number one' value to it right there. Number two: they can start to take suppression action and perhaps pinch off the fire so it doesn't grow."

Moore says the volunteer responders should be active by mid-October.