Panel Proposes Restructuring Nevada's School System

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Panel Proposes Restructuring Nevada's School System


Task Force Presentation

A chart demonstrates the complexity of the existing system governing Nevada's K-12 education system.

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One of the main proposals of the task force is to scrap the current elected board of education.

The report suggests instead that the board be appointed in equal numbers by the governor, senate majority leader, and assembly speaker.

Casino Executive and co-chair of the task force Elaine Wynn told the joint education committee it would give them more oversight.

Wynn: "The legislature signs checks. That's about all you get to do in terms of education policy. This way you get to oversee and recommend personnel."

But the plan ultimately names the Governor as the top official on education, and would make the state superintendent a cabinet member.

Besides restructuring educational government, the report suggests making it easier for new teachers to get licenses to work at needier schools, re-doing the system for evaluating teachers and principals, and using those evaluations to determine pay and who gets to keep their jobs.

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