Parents critical of district's selection for Uniform Committee

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Parents critical of district's selection for Uniform Committee

Parents and community members are opposing the Washoe County School District's appointment of an attorney to the district's Uniform Committee.

The committee was created in reaction to a lawsuit filed by attorney Mary Frudden against the district for its uniform policy at Roy Gomm Elementary. The case is ongoing and is being heard by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

At Tuesday's meeting of the Board of Trustees, some argued Frudden was too divisive and couldn't play well with others.

Dina Hunsberger is the parent volunteer who is among those being sued by Frudden.

"I do not understand how this committee can move forward in a productive manner and can make any policy that can be effective or inclusive of all points of view in a way that's productive. It's very disappointing."

Hunsberger says Trustee Dave Aiazzi has lost her vote and that of many parents for his support of Frudden's appointment, but Aiazzi defended his position.

"Any public group should be inclusive not exclusive and people of all opinions should be welcome at the table."

Aiazzi added that he doesn't necessarily support Frudden's opinion.