Pres. Obama Addresses TMCC Crowd; Opponents Roll Out 'Unwelcome Mat'

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Pres. Obama Addresses TMCC Crowd; Opponents Roll Out 'Unwelcome Mat'


Image Courtesy: Reno Gazette-Journal

President Obama addressed a rally of supporters at TMCC Tuesday while some of his political opponents held a counter event.

In front of an audience at Truckee Meadows Community College Tuesday, President Obama talked about preserving college grant and loan programs as a means for rebuilding the economy.

"Your education is not just important to you. It's important to America's success," he said. "When we invest in your future, we're investing in America's future. The fact is that countries that out-educate us today they'll out out-compete us tomorrow. We cannot afford to lose that race."

The president talked about how long it took him and his wife to pay off their own student loans, and was introduced by first-generation college student, Alejandra Hernandez-Chavez, an incoming freshman at UNR. He criticized Republican challenger Mitt Romney's oft-quoted line suggesting students borrow money from their parents to pay for college.

"Unless you provide those rungs on the ladder of opportunity, then young people -- many of whom who're more talented than Michelle and I  -- may not get a shot," he said.

It’s Mr. Obama’s third visit to the key swing state of Nevada since May. Both he and Governor Romney addressed the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention here in July. From here the president flies south for a Wednesday morning rally in Las Vegas


Meanwhile, Nevada congressmen Mark Amodei and Joe Heck were in South Reno campaigning for Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

Congressman Heck is running against Democratic Nevada State Assembly Speaker John Oceguera in the 3rd Congressional district.

Standing outside a 'Romney for President' bus, the two Republican lawmakers bashed President Obama's Affordable Care Act, while repeating that a Romney-Ryan ticket would defend Medicare.

The Republican's Medicare plan -- touted by Vice Presidential hopeful Paul Ryan -- would not change for people within 10 years of retirement, but younger people could receive vouchers for private health insurance that might not cover all their future medical costs.

“It gives them an option of other guaranteed issue policies, that give them the ability to pick a healthcare plan that best fits their healthcare needs, not a one size fits all," Congressman Heck said. "And in doing so, will sustain Medicare"

Heck, who is also a doctor, joined Republicans across the nation in denouncing comments made about rape by Missouri Congressman Todd Akin, rejecting the idea that emotional trauma from rape could counteract a pregnancy.

“I must have missed that lecture in school because I didn’t get that part of my OB-GYN lectures," Heck said. "I’m not sure how that happens. I was never taught that."

Meanwhile, Congressman Akin vowed Tuesday to remain in the race for senate in Missouri, despite calls from liberals and conservatives to step aside.