Recycling program launches for used cooking oil

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Recycling program launches for used cooking oil


During the holiday season, Bently Biofuels, a company based in Minden, collects used cooking oil from restaurants and recycles it into biodiesel.

The program is expanding this year so that residents can drop off their used cooking oil at collection centers throughout the region.

Donna Walden is a spokesperson for the Western Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Network, which is partnering with the company.

She says pouring grease down the drain ends up being costly for local governments.

"A lot of people just pour it down the sink. And that builds up in our municipal sewer pipes. And that's a terrible thing. A lot of cities spend a lot of money to clean up the sewers as a result of cooking oil going down the drain."

Even if grease is thrown away, instead of poured down the drain, there are consequences as the used oil creates greenhouse gases at the landfill.

According to Walden, last year's collection alone prevented 9.6 million pounds of CO2 emissions.