Reno approves buying new parking meters

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Reno approves buying new parking meters


IPS Group, Inc.

Reno City Council has unanimously approved a nearly $400,000 contract with IPS Group, Inc. for new parking meters. The new machines will take both coins and credit cards.

The City is buying nearly 900 parking meters for $425 each. The purchase will be made over the next five years but with 0% interest.

Back in July, the City terminated its contract with Curb Systems and removed its parking kiosks after citing several issues with the system.

Mayoral Candidate Eddie Lorton mentioned during a public comment period during yesterday's city council meeting his reservations about the new system, which should be up and running by February.

"I guess this thing has a good track record in San Francisco, but I hope it'll work as good in the snow and ice. I like the idea much better than the kiosk thing, but I would hope we're protected somehow if they do not perform."

Councilman Dwight Dortch, who is also running for mayor, says fixing any issues that may come up should not be a problem.

"I think the difference here is that this is a purchase so it's going to be under warranty whereas the other thing was completely different that what we're doing here today."

Along with buying the meters, the City will be hiring two parking meter technicians to collect coins, service the machines, and write citations.

Since the city installed coin-operated meters in place of the previous kiosks this summer, Reno has collected $184,000 in parking fines.