Reno Terminating Parking Kiosks and Extending Midtown Parking Program

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Reno Terminating Parking Kiosks and Extending Midtown Parking Program

At Wednesday's Reno City Council meeting, several parking matters were addressed, including the continuation of a pilot program in the Midtown area and the termination of the city's contract with Curb Systems and its parking kiosks around the city.

Council members decided that unless significant changes are made to the kiosks, that contract will be terminated on Friday. The city first provided notice of termination back in March, citing several issues with the system.

As for the midtown parking program, City Director of Public Works John Flansberg says that funding has been extended into September. The program uses sensors to keep track of two-hour spaces, helping with enforcement as well as providing parking information to customers through a Smartphone app.

"What's cool about these sensors is that they actually sense the magnetic portion of the vehicle, so when a vehicle comes and parks over them, they can sense that there is a vehicle there. And then when they leave, of course, they can sense when the vehicle leaves. And so they're able to communicate real-time information of where parking is available and where it's not."

Flansberg says that the network of sensors costs the city $3,400 a month while citation revenue is only $1,700. In August, the council will discuss whether or not the benefits of this program outweigh the costs. A cheaper method of enforcement would be to chalk tires, but Flansberg says that's not as efficient.