Reno company launches app, propels local business movement

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Reno company launches app, propels local business movement


First Street earned its nickname Start-Up Row for its growing expansion of start-up businesses.

Alumni from the University of Nevada, Reno launched their newest video game called URP! on Saturday, but their goal isn't just to hit high on the sales; they hope the app will support a growing local business movement within the community.

The Reno-based company, Crazy Tooth Studio, opened its doors in 2011 designing video game slots for the casino industry. Will Burrows, Vice President of Design, says the company chose Reno as a home base because the city has potential to make businesses grow.

"I think Reno is sort of on the cusp of a an exciting time, almost a revolution of sorts. There's a lot of start-ups; there's a lot of tech start ups."

Crazy Tooth is located on First Street which has recently earned the nickname Start-Up Row, as more and more new local businesses emerge there. Burrows says one of the company's objectives is to promote Reno-based products.

"What we're trying to do is getting Reno locals to realize, like, you want to support local businesses you can go to the app store; you can buy a game that was made down the street. And it's available and it's right there and you can support a local business."

Crazy Tooth is also partnering with local organizations on design projects. So far those include an exhibit at the Discovery Museum and informational sign layouts for the McCarran Preserve.