Reno ditches parking kiosks

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Reno ditches parking kiosks


The City of Reno has officially put an end to its parking kiosk system downtown.

The City of Reno has officially put an end to its parking kiosk system downtown. The City ended its agreement with the company that provides the kiosks, known as Curb System, because of multiple failures, which the City says were never addressed.

In March, the City issued a Notice of Termination and gave the company 120 days to correct the ongoing problems with the kiosks. Some of the problems that were cited included kiosks failing to accept payments and work properly. Not to mention a loss of 800,000 dollars in revenue since May 31st.

At last week's City Council Meeting, the Council approved the termination of the agreement.

Over the weekend, the parking kiosks were taken out of service and starting today the city will re-install single-spaced meters in the most congested, high-demand parking areas such as around the courthouse, near St. Mary's hospital and the main areas of downtown.

City Manager Andrew Clinger says businesses have expressed how important it is for them to have parking turnover. He says the single-spaced meters will provide that turnover until a permanent parking system can be implemented.

Clinger says the City's focus is on "helping businesses, not on generating revenue." The re-installation will take approximately one month to be completed.

Some additional notes for folks who are confused by this new parking arrangement:

• Unless there is a meter at the individual parking space, no payment is due.
• Areas that have designated time limits will be enforced.
• Parking enforcement is Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
• The single-spaced meters only accept coins so make sure to bring change ($1.00 per hour).