Running for Reno mayor: Sean Burke

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Running for Reno mayor: Sean Burke


With the number of Reno mayoral candidates in the double digits, KUNR is providing a look at each one to offer insight into who they are and what they stand for. We begin with Sean Burke, who manages a small family business in Reno called Parent Teacher Aids, which his mother opened back in 1979. He was practically raised in the store since age 3.

These days, he's eying the mayor's seat because the race is now open to average citizens since a recent state supreme court ruling determined that termed-out city council members are ineligible to run.

Born and raised in Reno, Burke says one of his priorities would be to clean up downtown in order to attract more tourists.

"Panhandlers, homelessness--it's all issues that people have brought up in the past," Burke says. "And I know that our current administration is doing everything they can to deal with it. It's not an easy fix, but there has to be some ways to clean up the reputation that we have and make this a more desirable place to visit."

Another goal would be to ensure the City's financial stability, though Burke says he would need input from city council members and the community on that issue.

"People don't want their taxes raised," he explains, "but they do want services and they do want amenities,
so there has to be a good balance there between the citizens who are paying for it and the politicians who are requesting it. There's got to be some good, viable ways to increase income for the City and reduce some spending."

Before running his family's business, Burke sold residential real estate and and managed various properties. He's a past president of the Reno Lion's Club.