Reno Postal Service Plant Targeted for Closure

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Reno Postal Service Plant Targeted for Closure


Brandon Rittiman / KUNR

Nearly 300 jobs are at stake if the mail processing plant closes. The proposal would force mail sent from one part of Reno to another to first pass through Sacramento.

Nearly 300 local jobs hang in the balance as the US Postal Service considers shutting down Reno's mail processing plant.

Reno's mail would instead be processed through Sacramento, which means your letter from Reno to Sparks would have to go over the Sierra Nevada mountains and back before being delivered.

Postal Service officials openly say there's no real benefit to the proposal beyond saving money.

Spokesman David Rupert says it's one of 250 plants being considered for closure.

"We're not picking on Reno. We're not picking on these small plants," Rupert added. "But our backs are up against the wall."

Rupert says congress has failed to act on proposals to help save money at the post office, like going down to 5-day delivery.

Reno's processing plant on Vassar Street handles nearly all the mail for Northern Nevada, employing 292 local workers.

The postal service is launching a study now and wouldn't move to shut down the facility until next year.